What I Did Right This Week: Wrote This Post

You read that right. What I did right this week was that I wrote this post down and hit “publish.” This is a big step for me. I love to write. I love updating my blog and writing for other sites. But these past few weeks have been really hard. Don’t worry, they’re getting much better, but when life is hard, I find myself having trouble focusing, being so preoccupied with my problems that writing anything coherent is out of the question, and so down that I don’t feel like writing anyway.

I wrote this post. Go, me!

Yup, that’s what I’m going with as my big accomplishment this week. Because I usually write almost every day but haven’t written much of anything in weeks.

wrote this post

Writing this down and adding photos and putting it out into the world, and emailing it to my subscribers and posting it on Facebook and Pinterest is an act of courage.

It’s the courage to make myself do what I love, even though I don’t feel like it. Because despite what I have been going through, I need to take care of me. I’ve had some time to lick my wounds and rest my brain, but now I need to nourish my soul with what I love doing.

So I wrote this post.

If you are struggling with something right now (and let’s face it, who isn’t struggling?) try to do one thing you normally love to do, even if you don’t feel like it.

It just might help to jump start you into feeling better. Or maybe it will just help you keep plugging along in spite of yourself. But at least you can say you’ve given yourself your best effort.

You’re worth it.

I once had a counselor who said that when you feel depressed and you simply don’t want to do anything at all, get up and do something, anything, else.

Change your behavior. Once you’ve started to do something else, your brain will catch up and you’ll start to feel at least a little better. So when you least feel like doing anything at all, do something. Anything. Even if it’s just writing a short post on your blog. That’s what I did right this week.

Because I’m worth it.

wrote this post

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