When your Daughter’s Birthday Cake Looks Like a Movie’s Death Scene

I don’t claim to be an expert on cakes. I’m not all skilled at that fondant and whatnot. I’ve never taken a cake decorating class and I’ve never attempted to make a cake look even remotely smooth on top.

I have, however, made many many cakes in my 16 years of motherhood.  I’ve made them from a box, from scratch, and I make a dang yummy chocolate frosting if I do say so myself. Like the kind you just eat with a spoon. Is that just me?  Oh well, more for me.

I’ve never made a cake that looked very pretty, but I have made a lot of functional, delicious, and sometimes even themed cakes. But never ever in all of my cake-making days have I had happen what happened today. I bought a cake mix for Preemie’s birthday and I bought some frosting (because homemade is delicious but store-bought is easy and still also delicious) I baked the cake according to package directions, stuck a knife in just to be sure it was done, let it cool while I did dishes for a couple of hours (broken dishwasher) and began to frost the cake.

That’s when all hell broke loose. Every single place I tried to spread frosting took off the top layer of cake until I was just spreading frosting and crumbs around in a big heap. I HAD intended to make a picture on it but seriously folks, it was a pile of crumbly chocolate chaos. A total disaster.


See? This is honestly as good as it was going to get. The more I spread, the more it gaped open.

Luckily Hubby is a genius and suggested sticking some Littlest Pet Shop toys on there to distract the eye from the gaping holes and draw attention to OH LOOK TOYS! To cover the holes I also sprinkled on some Twizzler bites. Don’t judge, you know I ain’t fancy. She’ll like it. I hope.


OK so now it looks like the little pets are drowning in mud and logs.  Maybe they can hang on to one and float to safety.

Even though it turned out looking like the scene of an action movie where everyone is about to die (especially the teal dog on the bottom right, poor guy doesn’t have a chance) I keep reminding myself that no one will care, least of all the 9-year-old girl who gets to eat chocolate cake and play with new Littlest Pet Shop toys. Happy birthday, darling. Mommy really does love you, I swear.

Momming is hard, amiright?

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