What I Did Right This Week: March 3rd

This week I was less productive than usual. I watched more Netflix and wrote less articles. I took more naps and felt like doing pretty much nothing. I still did stuff. I even kept my house pretty clean. I didn’t take my toddler to the park at all. But he’s OK, and the other kids are OK and I’m OK.

I realized I was probably so tired and “blah” because I was working myself too hard the previous week. I was so eager to be back at 100% after my surgery that I tried really hard to get back to “normal.” But that wasn’t the best choice for only being a few weeks out of surgery and still on a very limited “soft foods” diet.

So this week what I did right was taking care of myself.

What I Did Right This Week.png

I napped on my super comfy couch. I read a really sweet children’s book (Rose Maidelaiden: The Unofficial Tale of How the Rose Got Its Name). I watched a hilarious comedy (New Girl), an engaging crime drama (Person of Interest), and a creepy true crime show¬†(Killer in the Family). I went to bed early and spent a lot of time on Facebook. But I feel a lot better. And I feel a lot more like writing now that I’ve let my brain rest for awhile and taken a break.

Another thing I did this week to take care of myself was go to therapy.

It was great. I’ve had some great therapy before and some really terrible therapy. But this one was so great that even though it was my very first session and a short one at that (I was 20 minutes late), I was able to come away with some actionable advice that made my day seem a little brighter.

So this week I may not have accomplished as much as I wanted to (although let’s be honest, I ¬†still did a crap ton of stuff), but I took care of myself. And that’s what I needed this week.

What did you do right this week?


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