What I Did Right This Week: Let My Toddler Watch YouTube

This may not sound like something to have done right. But this week I let my toddler watch YouTube, and it saved my sanity.

toddler watch youtube

I know limiting screen time is important. I know little kids shouldn’t have any screen time at all. I know the shows he watches are stupid and annoying. But I stand by this statement:

What I did right this week was let my toddler watch Youtube.


let my toddler watch youtube

Sometimes you need to buy yourself some time.

Sometimes you just need to shower in peace. Sometimes you just need the 2-year-old to be distracted long enough to cook bacon without him trying to push you away from the stove and endangering himself in the process (why does he attempt this every time?).

Sometimes you need to change the mood in the day.

When a kid normally needs a two or three hour nap every day but only sleeps for one hour, there’s a lot of grumpiness going on. I’m grumpy, he’s grumpy, everybody’s grumpy. And nothing makes me want to say “yes” to screen time more than a whiny, weepy, cranky, unable to be satisfied toddler. Please, for the love of all that is holy, just sit still, be quiet and stare at a rectangle for a few minutes.

Sometimes you need to go into survival mode.

It may not be the most creative parenting strategy. Or the healthiest. Or the most educational. But it simplifies my day a little bit. It calms things down for awhile and keeps all of our sanity intact (sort of).

So if you are desperate for 5 minutes of quiet time, let your toddler watch animated cars being dipped in different colors of paint or a grown man singing a song about garbage trucks. I promise it’s worth it. Just make sure you’re around to skip the ads or there will be hell to pay.


Momming is hard, amiright?

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1 thought on “What I Did Right This Week: Let My Toddler Watch YouTube

  1. AMEN!!!!!

    I know what they say about screen time. But if one tablet can entertain my 4 year old 6 month old at the same time for 30 minutes then by all means let them be.

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