What I Did Right This Week: Took Action

Something I did right this week was I finally took action.

I actually acted on a bunch of things I’ve been putting off for a long time. I got the car washed, I vacuumed the family room couch, I shampooed the living room carpet, I made a list of things we needed for an upcoming camping trip and did the shopping for it, and I took our sleeping bags to a laundromat to finally get washed.

Took Action

These are all things that I’ve been spending a lot of time and energy planning to do, writing down in my planner, moving to different pages of my planner, and feeling guilty about not doing. But I never actually did them. Until this week. I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t plan out the exact best time to do it. I just did it. Even though working on these things took time out of my day, they didn’t take as long as I thought they would. Other stuff still got done, and I was able to feel accomplished and proud of myself.

What’s funny is that after all that, I still had a hard time coming up with what to write about this week.

I could not for the life of me think of anything I did right this whole entire week. Until I suddenly remembered I had finally completed those projects. Why is it that I didn’t think of that right away? Why is it that we sell ourselves short? We accomplish so much more than we think we do. But minimizing or ignoring our accomplishments¬†is extremely unhelpful. For me, it just makes me feel like giving up all hope of ever being able to accomplish anything at all.¬†Every week when I sit down to write one thing that I did right that week, I draw a blank. Then I start thinking of all the things I did NOT do right, and how I should have done better. I should have been more patient with my teenage boys. I should have been more loving to my tween girls. I should have taken my toddler to the park more. It’s a very unhelpful downward spiral.

Which is why I really like writing this every week.

It forces me to think of something I did right. Thinking positively about myself does not come easy to me, but it sure does improve my mood and make me feel worthwhile.

So I encourage you to take a moment every week to think about what you did right.

Maybe it’s not that hard for you. Maybe you are already great at patting yourself on the back for a job well done. But if you’re anything like me, you’re just not doing that enough. If at all. So start now. What did you get right this week?

What I Did RIght This Week-: took action

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