Things We Simply HAVE to Do Every Day

There are certain things I absolutely have to do every single day in order to function properly. If I don’t, my whole day is worse. I’m not always good at actually getting around to each and every one of them, but when I do, everything else seems to fall into place. I bet you have certain things you absolutely can not NOT do every day as well. Here are the things I have to do every day, plus what other mommies are saying they have to do as well.

things we simply have to do every day

Seven things I simply HAVE to do every day:



Obviously everyone has to eat everyday. If we don’t eat we get weak and eventually we die. But I like to list it as one of my priorities because it reminds me that the most essential thing I can do for my family is take care of my basic needs first. You know, the whole, put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others, thing.



I simply HAVE to get enough sleep for me to function. If I don’t, I’m a total zombie. I used to be a total zombie all the time no matter how much sleep I got. I eventually learned that I had sleep apnea and that I was waking up 20-30 times AN HOUR without realizing it. I finally got a CPAP machine to help me breathe at night and I feel like a whole new person. In fact, I went from being a lifelong night owl to a complete morning person!



Unfortunately this doesn’t happen every day, but every day goes WAY better when it does. It improves my energy and mood, and helps me feel strong and productive. I love exercising. It jump starts my day. It’s just getting those dang shoes on and getting started that’s the problem.


Get presentable

About every other day I shower and shave my legs and wash and blow dry and flat iron my hair. The whole shebang. Every OTHER day I don’t shower or shave, but I still put on fresh clothes, fix my hair, put on makeup, etc. I have to look what I consider “normal” at some point in the day. Even if I only get around to it at 5 PM right before Hubby gets home.


Read the scriptures

This is essential for me, and something that I don’t always remember to do, but I try REALLY hard to. When I take just the tiniest bit of time to read the word of God and pray a little, it sets the tone for my entire day. I used to be terrible about doing this consistently, but lately I’ve been able to do it almost every single day by scaling back my expectations of myself for scripture reading.

I used to get so overwhelmed by the thought of finding a long stretch of quiet time with no distractions in which to read, study, pray and commune with God. No time ever seemed convenient enough. And I just didn’t have the patience to really “study” the scriptures. So I took the pressure off myself and started just reading a tiny bit each day, with no pressure to have an amazing spiritual experience. As a result I’ve been able to read almost every day. It’s been great.

things we simply have to do every day



It’s something that give me joy and purpose as more than being “just a mom.” It takes me off the hamster wheel of life and allows me to express myself in a different way every day. It’s great to have a hobby of some kind to make life fun.


Read or watch a movie

I need a little downtime everyday. If I don’t get it I get very grumpy. Thank goodness BB takes good naps now so I can blog a little and have a little “me time” to read or watch Netflix.

What other mommies are saying they have to do every day:

“One thing I HAVE to do each day to ensure it runs smoothly is drink a good cappuccino! If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!”

-Becci from Swords and Snoodles

“The thing I have to do everyday – read. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily make the day go more smoothly, but it certainly helps me ensure my day ends smoothly. Even if it’s just a couple of pages, it relaxes me so much to be able to have this quiet time before bed.”

-Jennifer from A Splendid Messy Life

“One thing I have to do is walk my dog around the block every morning while drinking a cup of coffee. It gives me a moment to think about what I want to accomplish that day before my kids, husband and computer beckons me!”

-Whitney from Playdates on Fridays

“What I have to do to make my day go smoothly: Eating a proper breakfast. It makes a big difference in my day.”

-Rebecca from Orthodox Sunflower

“Is brushing my teeth a totally lame answer? I feel scuzzy until I do, and it’s the only thing I can think of that I do every day without fail, no matter how sick or tired I feel.”

-Jenny from Unremarkable Files

I think every day we all need to take a little time for ourselves. Even if it’s only brushing our teeth. What essential things do you absolutely have to do every day?

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