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Hey there fellow mommies! Are you overwhelmed? Frazzled? A total chaotic mess? Feeling like you’re drowning more and more every day and no matter how hard you struggle, the faster you sink? Yeah, usually that’s me too and I HATE it. I hate doing things the hard way. I hate wasting time, money and effort. I hate spending my life multitasking myself to death but never actually accomplishing anything. I hate feeling like my whole life as a mom is spent spinning in circles and playing catch-up and feeling like there is nothing I can do to survive mommyhood.

survive mommyhood

If you can relate, then know you’re not alone.

I feel overwhelmed and stressed every single day. But after 17 years of experience and currently having 5 children ranging in age from 1-17, I’ve learned a lot of things that have made my life as a mom much easier and more productive and happy. In fact, if there’s any area I’m gaining a little expertise in, it’s momming in the easiest way possible. Call it lazy if you want, but I like to think of it as efficient.

survive mommyhood resource library

I’m finally able to survive mommyhood.

survive mommyhoodI’m actually kind of handling the hectic schedules and neediness of my kids and the hamster wheel of my daily life (mostly). For once I actually feel like I am no longer hopelessly drowning. I’m not really swimming anywhere yet, but I’m at least treading water on the surface.

I want to share with you what I am learning as I go along on this quest to find a pore productive, efficient, simple way to live and to parent and share the ways I’m figuring out to eliminate guilt, stress and any other unnecessary crap. If this sounds like a journey you might like to join me on, then you are in the right place!

I created a few resources that share what I’ve learned about making momming easier. I decided to include them all in one easy-to-access resource library.

Right now it includes the eBook, “45 Ways to Get the ‘Me Time’ You Desperately Need,”

the “Daily Survival Checklist to Keep Frazzled and Guilt-Ridden Moms Calm, Collected and Confident,”

the “Simplify Your Priorities Worksheet,”

and “The Complete Introduction to Camping With Kids.”

Camping With Kids

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Momming is hard, amiright?

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