What I Did Right This Week: Played a Game With My Kids

It was the last day of summer break and I wanted to do something with my kids. I wanted to give them some undivided attention. To do something to break up the monotony of being on their screens all day. It was the last day before school was starting and there wasn’t time for a beach trip or anything, so I played a game with my kids.

I didn’t really feel like it. It was the toddler’s naptime and I wanted to spend that time NOT having to remind people that it was their turn again. But I did it anyway.

I played a game with my kids.

played a game with my kids


Truth be told, I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t done that more this summer like I’d planned. Oh, I had lofty goals at the beginning of summer break. I was going to get all kinds of projects done, spend some one-on-one time with the older kids while the toddler was napping, still have some uninterrupted quiet time for writing, and go on all kinds of fun adventures.

In reality, almost none of that happened.

I didn’t get any projects at all done. I spent my days trying to deflect incessant questions and maintain sanity throughout made up stories about Littlest Pet Shop toys. I usually have a good couple of hours of quiet alone time when the toddler takes a nap every day, but during the summer it was spent trying to write on my laptop whilst breaking up fights about who called using the computer next and who most desperately needed the tablet charger.

We did go on some fun adventures.

We went to the beach, went snorkeling in a cove, and had fun at the pool. But I hadn’t had the time to relax that I wanted, and I had spent so much time trying to chase that quiet time that I hadn’t given my kids the undivided attention that I wanted to.┬áSo on the last day of summer I played a game with my kids. Actually, we played two games. And guess what? It was really fun! And to my pleasant surprise, even the teenagers played.

And they loved it.

I loved it too. It was very fun and I felt happy that I’d finally made the time to play with my kids.

Now that school has started again, I’ve gone back to having my uninterrupted quiet time (although the minute I think that, the toddler suddenly decides he’s having trouble napping). My goal is to soak in as much of that “me time” as I can so that when the kids are home, I’m refreshed and I can give them my undivided attention. Maybe I’ll even play another game with them.

What did YOU do right this week?

Did you do something even though it was hard for you? Did you accomplish something you’re a little proud of? Think of something you did right this week and tell me about it. I’d love to hear it!

played a game with my kids

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