Momming is Harrrrrd

Dude. Momming is soooo harrrrrd.

I mean, right? Sometimes we don’t want to admit it for fear of sounding too complain-y. I know I sound like a broken record saying “Today was really rough” every single day. But let’s be honest here, no matter how “worth it” it is or how “adorable” our kids are, momming is freaking hard!

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It’s hard when you’re too tired to even stay awake until the toddler’s bedtime.

It’s hard because whining. So. Much. Whining.

It’s hard when your kid needs to spit out their gum but there are no trashcans or tissues around so you have to hold it in your bare hands.

It’s hard when you feel dizzy and nauseous but your baby needs to be rocked to sleep before you can sleep.

It’s hard when all your kids are trying to talk to you at once.

It’s hard when there’s always at least one kid who will hate what you made for dinner every night and you just cannot stand to hear “that looks gross” even one more time.

It’s hard when your brain is mush but your kid wants to tell you all the details about something and you just for the life of you cannot follow what the heck they are talking about.

It’s hard when you come downstairs and discover your toddler has no diaper on. You quickly replace it with a fresh one, but are mortified to realize you have no idea how long that toddler was running around possibly peeing all over the place, nor do you know where the other diaper even is.

It’s hard when you are trying to get just a couple minutes of peace thankyouverymuch and you hear an occasional mystery beep. Seriously, though. What is causing that blasted beep???

It’s hard when your kids are driving you nuts but you feel like such a jerk for not “enjoying every moment.”

It’s hard when you feel guilty for your mommy mistakes and are terrified you are screwing these kids up for good.

It’s hard when you need a break and can’t get one.

It’s hard when you deal with any other unrelated problems (sickness, mental illness, finances, relationships, worries…) but still have to be The Mom.

It’s hard when you feel like you are the only person who is struggling with the momming and you’re sure everyone else must be momming it up way better then you are.

It’s hard every day. Even on the good ones.

It’s hard for everyone. Even if they won’t admit it.

Momming is just hard. So cut yourself some slack. You’re doing a really hard job. And you’re doing great. I’d bet that even though it’s dang near impossible, you wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s complicated. But that’s momming for ya.

Momming is hard, amiright?

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