What I Did Right This Week: Ate Milk Toast

Yeah, you read that right. This week what I did right was eat milk toast. Gross, right? I mean it sounds gross. Milk toast. Ew. I didn’t even know milk toast was a thing beyond the term “milquetoast,” which according to Dictionary.com (yes, I had to google it), means someone who is timid and spineless.

But this week, I not only learned the definition of milquetoast, but I also ate freaking milk toast. Why am I so proud of this? Because apparently it suddenly cured my weeklong bout of vomiting.

milk toast

OK, so here’s the milk toast story:

It’s no secret over on my weight loss blog that ever since my weight loss surgery 3 months ago, I sometimes have trouble keeping down my food. It’s an intermittent issue that is usually brought about by not eating slow enough and not chewing my food enough. But the past week, I haven’t been able to keep any food down at all. not even yogurt or cream of wheat. And I certainly couldn’t take my vitamins or medications.  And then, for about four days I wasn’t able to keep anything down at all. Not food, not water, not vitamins or medications, not my protein drinks, nothing. For the whole entire week I wasn’t able to keep down a single scrap of food, (it was so bad that I lost 10 pounds this week-I mean, I know I’m trying to lose weight, but not like this), and for about four days I wasn’t able to keep down more than a few sips of water the whole four days.

I went to urgent care twice, the ER once, and got IV fluids and anti-nausea medication twice, not to mention various blood and urine tests (and no, I’m not pregnant), an x-ray and a CT scan. None of it helped (except the fluids kept me hydrated), because apparently nothing was wrong with me. I talked to the surgeon’s office and they suggested that dehydration was causing the vomiting so I should just drink more. Yeah, that’s helpful. I even got a priesthood blessing from my husband that helped me feel more peaceful (for a little bit), but didn’t solve anything right away.

So I did what any normal person would do, I took to the internet for advice.

After sifting through several articles of varying reliability, I finally found this one that had a few suggestions I decided to try. I tried accupressure bands, I tried ginger ale, I tried stretching my neck, I tried relaxing, I tried just embracing the vomit. None of it helped in the slightest. Except the suggestion of milk toast. I made toast, put butter on it, dipped it in warm milk, and ate a few bites. I was suuuuuper thirsty so I drank water after that and promptly threw it all up. But after that I actually felt a lot better. I decided to just go to bed and try again in the morning. The next morning I tried milk toast again and didn’t drink anything until it had been a good 30 minutes or an hour. And when I finally did drink water, I felt fine. Great, even.

Awhile later I decided I felt SO great that I could try taking some of my medications that I’d been missing out on for a week (which is terrible because you can have horrible side effects from cutting them off cold turkey). So I had more milk toast, waited about 15 minutes and then took my medicine. A couple of hours later I was still feeling fantastic. No nausea, no heartburn, no vomiting, and I was able to even hold down a popsicle and a total of about 14 ounces of Propel Water throughout the day.

It would seem that milk toast is the miracle remedy I was looking for.

Either that, or it’s a total coincidence. But after a week of suffering and suddenly feeling absolutely perfect, I think it was the milk toast. Maybe I was vomiting because I was just too stomach acid-y and this neutralized the stomach acids?  I may never know. It’s interesting though that the blessing did say I would eventually feel better and I would know what things I could eat. It seems funny, because I kind of expected the Lord to just make my vomiting go away eventually. I mean, He’s God, He can do anything. But I guess that “anything” includes prompting me to find articles about milk toast on the internet. Hey, it worked.

milk toast


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