What I Did Right This Week: Make Adjustments

I hate guilt, don’t you? It’s just so hard sometimes to think about what went right when so much goes wrong. This was kind of a hard week for me. Not too bad, but I was Just. So. Tired. It was a week with a lot of schedule changes too. And all this required me to make adjustments.

That’s what I did right this week: make adjustments.


On Monday I felt pretty great and I was eager to get a little exercise, so I went for a semi-long, brisk walk in our hilly neighborhood with BB in the stroller. It was nice. But I felt terrible the rest of the day after that. I worked myself way too hard for taking my first real walk after surgery and I ended up exhausted, achy, and the next day I was SO SORE!

I had to adjust and take the rest of the week a little easier.

I wanted to wake up early and write every day. Or even ANY days. I’ve been pretty tired and haven’t been able to write as much as I’d like. I’ve found the mornings before everyone is awake to be a great time to get quiet time to write. Plus, I figured that with me being so tired and going to bed at 8 every night, surely I’d be awake and refreshed by 5 am, right? Wrong.

I was still exhausted so I had to adjust and get as much sleep as I could. I had to remind myself that I’m still healing from surgery and it’s OK to go to bed at 8 every night and wake up at 7 every morning.

We usually eat dinner at about 6-ish every night. We aren’t super consistent, but we at least eat at a “normal” hour on most days.

Monday we were gone for the boys’ rugby practice from 4-7 so we had to adjust and eat dinner at 3:30. It wasn’t so bad. But it sure required some efficient planning on my part to get dinner ready by then.

I was going to make enchiladas for dinner a couple of days ago. But I realized that rugby, coupled with exhaustion was making dinner preparation difficult.

I adjusted and made BBQ chicken that morning in the Crock Pot. Again. For the third time in two weeks. And no, my kids didn’t like it. So they too adjusted and microwaved themselves some hot dogs.

Life is about adjustments.

Almost nothing ever goes as planned. The most important thing I got right this week was making those adjustments, going with the flow (at least trying to), and being willing to change things up to accommodate changes in schedule and changes in my own abilities.

What did YOU do right this week?

Come on, I know you rocked SOMETHING! Think about all the good you did for yourself and your family this week and tell us what it was! Even when you don’t feel like you’re doing much right, you can always find something that you succeeded at.

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