I Need Help With Mom Fashion

I need help with my mom fashion. And no, I’m not talking about the yoga pants and messy bun with your starbucks at target kind of stereotypical mom fashion. I’m talking about actual fashion, but for people who are moms. Maybe I should call it middle-aged lady fashion but that just makes me sad.

So mom fashion.

mom fashion

What is it, and how does one go about finding it? Sure, I could go to the mall and look around at what the mannequins are wearing these days, but there’s a problem with that. Which stores are for the middle-aged ladies moms?

Some of the mannequins are wearing stuff that is obviously meant for kids too young to have hit puberty yet, and some for women who’ve left that part of their life in the last century. But there’s a lot of other stuff too that isn’t so easy to identify as “fashion acceptable for moms.”

I do NOT want to be one of those old people trying to pretend they’re younger than they actually are, incorrectly using the latest slang and wearing the latest teeny-bopper fashions that were clearly not designed for hips that have birthed five kids. But neither do I want to be one of those old people stuck in the decade that they graduated high school for the rest of their lives.

Isn’t there a happy medium?

A fashionable option for mature women who aren’t “old” yet but are old enough? I know there is because I see lovely adult women dressed in cute clothes that don’t make them look too matronly or too in denial about their true age (or pant size). But I’m not sure A) where they are buying their clothes B) How they are choosing their outfits and C) How I would even pinpoint what about them is cute.

Here come the confessions. Although, if you’ve ever seen me in real life, you know I ain’t no fashionista so this won’t be a big shocker. But here goes:

I don’t have an eye for fashion.

Or design.

Or art of any kind.

I can look at something and say, hey, I like that, but I will have no way to identify WHY I like it or to define how it even differs from other things I don’t like. And don’t think I’ll catch onto the latest trend. I don’t even know what’s relatively in style until it’s already out of style.

For example, I was wearing those big, chunky, platform heels with the slightly rounded yet square-ish toes and I loved them. But one day I heard a friend say, “Y’know how ballet flats are really popular right now?” and I thought, They are? And also, What are ballet flats? I had no clue what she was talking about, but I knew I had to find out. So I started looking at everyone’s shoes. Sure enough, there was not a chunky platform heel to be seen. All I could see were flats with rounded toes. They were cute. I determined that I needed to procure some. But by the time I did, I started looking around at people’s shoes again and noticed that they were all wearing shoes with pointier toes and I felt totally lost.


mom fashion

You could say, “who cares? Wear what you want!”

And I do wear what I want. Like, no matter how cool it is, I will most likely never wear a choker again in my life because they make me claustrophobic. But also, I do care. I may not look like it because I dress like a frumpy old lady who’s stuck in 2003, but I care. I want to look sensibly cute. Not trendy per se, but living in the correct decade at least.

Again, I have a hard time even noticing what’s in style and what’s not. It wasn’t until recently that I realized bootcut and flared jeans probably aren’t all the rage anymore. But they still sell them. So am I shopping at old lady stores? Or am I wrong and they’re still OK to wear?

I could copy what all the hip kids are wearing these days, but I’m afraid that if I go pick up my kids from school wearing pants that have a rectangle cut out of the cuff I will look like I’m trying too hard. Also, those are ugly. But seriously, the only thing worse than an old lady who looks like she is perpetually stuck in the wrong decade, is an old lady who looks like she’s trying too hard to hold onto her youth.

I want to embrace the now.

Maybe I’m overthinking this. But like I said, this doesn’t come naturally to me. So I beg of you, please help me know where to find what’s fashionable for people my age. What stores do you shop at? What styles do you wear? What websites can show me what I should be trying to emulate? Because I’ve tried not caring and “being myself” and it just doesn’t look good. I think. It’s hard to tell. But I’m pretty sure bootcut jeans and an oversized hoodie aren’t considered “cute.” And I do want to look cute. But appropriate for my age. But not too trendy. But not too behind the times. Still in this decade. But not like I’m trying to be one of the kids. I just want to know what the current mom fashion is. For goodness sake, is that too much to ask?

Momming is hard, amiright?

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2 thoughts on “I Need Help With Mom Fashion

  1. I wear what I want. What I want comes from title nine a lot of times. I think what is hard is style follows what you do in 30’s and 40’s rather than what is in style… I work and wear work like clothes, I do Trx and wear leggings, I hike and wear hiking clothes. The other day I wore hole in the knees jeans and were Ali’s and all her clothes and felt a little like a wannabe teen… not the best feeling. She said I looked great but i was not so sure.

  2. If you see a store selling bootcut jeans then TELL ME IMMEDIATELY. I need new pants but I don’t own a Jaws of Life to get myself into or out of the ones that are popular right now. Also, they make me look like I’m teetering around on chicken drumsticks so no thanks.

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