What I Did Right This Week: Tried to Have a Positive Attitude

It was a hard week. Who am I kidding. It’s ALWAYS a hard week. Every single week. 100% of them. All 52 of the year. Every year. But this week, despite it’s being difficult, I tried really, really hard to have a positive attitude.


I’m not a SUPER moody person, but I ain’t no ray of sunshine either. I complain too much. I feel the need to vent. And I display an inordinate amount of road rage. But this week I really really REALLY tried hard to put a smile on my face, see the positive, and calm my frustrations. I didn’t always succeed. But I did try. And as a result I succeeded more than I would have otherwise.

As someone who struggles with depression it can feel nigh unto impossible to have a positive attitude.

When I’m in the midst of a downward spiral, it IS impossible. But with the treatment I’m on now, and the good things going on in my life, I find that it’s not easy, but possible to choose to be happy, or at least pretend I’m happy. And often, when I pretend I’m happy, I’ll end up feeling that way as well.

This week when I was driving down the road and wanting to silently swear at the person being a total IDIOT in front of me, I just took a deep breath and tried to calm down. I did not succeed in doing this all the times people were being total idiots, but I did do it once or twice. And it actually helped a lot. I tried to tell myself that no matter what, I was stuck behind them, whether I got mad at them or not. I might as well make the best of it.

When my husband got home and I wanted nothing more than to vent to him about how crazy my day was and get some much-needed empathy, I decided instead to put on a smile, tell him I was good and ask him about his day. Not to pretend my day was perfect, but to give him a few minutes of peace after a long day at work before I demanded his time and emotional energy. Turns out, I felt a lot better later and didn’t end up needing as much venting as I’d previously thought.

When my kids were all clamouring for my attention, I was tempted to be hurried and snippy with them to get them to speed up the Tell Mom Everything process. But I sat there, tried to take turns looking each kid in the eye and giving them my full attention for a little bit so they could each feel loved and listened to and I wouldn’t be acting all grumpy and annoyed at them when they’d done nothing wrong in the first place.

It’s really hard for me to slow down and have a good attitude. But I tried this week and at least succeeded a little bit.

Is it hard for you to put on a happy face and act positive?

Do you pretend and do it anyway? Is there something else you got right this week? Because I bet you anything, you were able to overcome something or cheer someone up or do something great, even if it was a hard week. As they all are.

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Momming is hard, amiright?

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