What I Did Right This Week: Forgave Myself

To be fair, I didn’t do this of my own volition. I was coerced into it by my therapist. But I did it. I forgave myself.

It was not a particularly bad week. It was just fine, in fact. But whenever I tried to sit down and think of something (anything) I did right this week, I completely drew a blank. Actually, that’s not true. I had lots of thoughts going through my brain. But they were all the things I did WRONG this week.

I always have a hard time thinking of what I did right each week, but this week was harder.

forgave myself


I didn’t give my kids enough individual attention. I forgot an appointment. I didn’t read much to my toddler. I didn’t clean a lot. I didn’t take great care of myself. I did go for walks, but that’s not much of a blog post.

Then I went to therapy.

The therapist asked me to write down positive statements about myself beginning with “I am” or “I deserve.” I was able to write down 5. He then told me some positive statements to write down.

Things like, “I deserve to be less self-critical.”

“I deserve to be more reasonable in my expectations of myself.”

And the big one for me, “I deserve to make mistakes and not beat myself up.”

This was huge.

I had spent the good part of an afternoon berating myself for being late for an appointment with BB’s teacher that I had completely forgotten. I was so hard on myself that finally Princess had to tell me to let it go because everyone makes mistakes. I realized today that I never want my kids to be that hard on themselves. What kind of an example am I to them if I don’t forgive myself?

Another thing the therapist told me was that we have to make mistakes to learn.

It’s just a part of life. It’s OK. Move on.

So I did. I forgave myself.

I moved on. Just like I would want my kids to do. I don’t know why I was suddenly able to do it. Maybe i just felt like I needed someone’s permission to do so. Well I got that permission, and suddenly i was able to just forget about all the crap I felt like I did wrong, and let it go.

Tell me what you did right this week. I know you did something right. Go ahead and brag about it! That way I’m not the only one. I promise it’ll make you feel better. It sure did for me. And if you can’t think of anything you did right, then do what I did. Forgive yourself.

Forgave Myself

Momming is hard, amiright?

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2 thoughts on “What I Did Right This Week: Forgave Myself

  1. Crystal, You are not alone! I had to learn to forgive my imperfect ways and focus on what I’ve done right. It’s amazing how empowering it is to forgive yourself & others. As for me, Wednesday I forgot one appointment in the morning, leaving a good friend hanging (all because I didn’t set it in my phone), but I remembered two other appointments that same day, not letting them down. I was forgiven by my friend, and myself and we rescheduled. So, my world didn’t fall apart, although in the past I might have allowed it to. 🙂 Love your blog, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and doesn’t it feel good to know that?

    K. Bigney Peterson

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