9 Ways Our Kids are Just Like Us

People complain all the time about kids these days and how easy they have it. And no doubt, a lot of things are different now. Not the least of which are the little rectangles in our pockets that are at once clocks, calculators, maps, encyclopedias, televisions, and whole entire stores. But despite that, a lot of things are still just the same as they were 30 years ago when I was a kid.

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Here are 9 ways our kids are just like us:

  1. They call “shotgun!” anytime they get in the car. We did this every single time we went literally anywhere. My kids did too until I created assigned seats.
  2. They hate what mom makes for dinner. I would literally gag at some of the stuff my mom made. My kids have done the same with my food. I guess that’s payback.
  3. They fight over seats. Anywhere. The car, the couch, the pew at church, you name it. We did it as kids, they do it now.
  4. They fight over food. It was this way back in the 80’s and it still endures today. If you eat the last of something, even if everyone else got way more than you, you “ate it all.” And there will be consequences.
  5. They think their parents are old. And they still don’t like it when parents try to use the current “hip lingo.” It embarrassed me, and it embarrasses my kids.
  6. We still have to force our kids to play outside. It’s a common refrain: when we were kids we played outside all the day long, right? Yeah right. As for me, I was glued to the TV for hours at a time.  My mom had to MAKE me play outside. Just like how I have to MAKE my kids put down the iPads and go outdoors for awhile.
  7. They watch crap on TV. For me it was Small Wonder and Out of this World. For my kids it’s Dog with a Blog and Glitter Force. Either way it’s terrible, mind-numbing junk.
  8. They fight over devices. We fought over who got to watch what on the TV all the time. You might think that in a 7 person household, having 9 devices capable of streaming movies, there would never be a fight over who gets to watch what on which device when. But you would be wrong. They fight over the comfy spot by the TV (which is the only place to play video games by the way), and the the “control spot” at the computer (y’know, by the mouse so you can control what’s on. Is that just something my kids fight over?). And they even fight over which devices NOT to use like the old tablets that are never charged and take forever to load, the tiny phones that are really only good for one person at a time, and mom’s chromebook and no you cannot use it to stream movies, she only uses it for her writing thankyouverymuch.
  9. Saturday morning cartoons are still a thing. The difference is that in my house they’ve taken the form of netflix on the computer instead of network television on a box so big it’s actual furniture. The result is the same. Entertainment for the kids who can’t wake up for school to save their lives but are up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on a Saturday and need to be distracted long enough for mom to get a tiny bit of sleep for once.

Even though the details of life change, and some things really are dramatically different now, other things haven’t changed at all. And I doubt they ever will.

Momming is hard, amiright?

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