9 Things I Learned from My Kid’s Raging Fever




With 5 kids and countless illness between them, I will still never get used to them being sick.


I’ll be always grateful a fever is not vomit cuz that crap is way worse.


The old school bath is still the quickest and most effective remedy. He will scream and shiver and hang onto me for dear life with soaking wet arms. But if I just keeping pouring that cool water over his back and head for a couple of minutes (that will feel like an eternity), he will feel 1000 times better afterward.


When Ibuprofen fails, alternate it with Acetaminophen every three hours. Yup, staggering medications really does help keep it at bay. 


I’ll feel a little glad my toddler is so cuddly. When my precious cherub enters the toddler years and is suddenly running rampant for most waking hours of the day, my heart will melt when suddenly he wants to do nothing but lay on my chest with his favorite blankie all day. 



I’ll feel a lot guilty that I felt a little glad. Because it will break my heart that he just  isn’t acting like himself and that his little body is so incredibly miserable. Parenting can be complicated, especially when the kids are sick.


My anxiety redoubles its efforts when a kid is sick. I’ll agonize over whether to take him to the doctor just to be told I’m an overreacting helicopter parent, or not to take him in and feel like I am a heartless, neglectful parent. And after cuddling a kid with a raging fever all day I’ll start to feel like I’ve got one too, even when I don’t, but my mind will race with all the illness we could be getting and spreading to everyone around us.


A Child’s fever tends to run hotter than an adult’s. I flipped out when his fever hit 104.4 and I rushed to urgent care. I’ve been raising kids since 2000 and I’ve never even heard of a fever that high. The nurse told me they’ve seen 109 before. While that seemed unlikely, and possibly an exaggeration, the point was well-taken. I was panicked unnecessarily. It was still good I brought him in. Because 104. But it wasn’t the emergency I’d thought it was.


Having a fever is a lot like life in general. I did everything I could to get his 102 fever to go down, and it did go down temporarily,  but then it spiked up to 104.4. I brought it back down to 101 then his fever broke during the night and was completely gone by morning. Then it came back. It wasn’t as bad, though and it left again the next day.

This is totally how our problems in life are. Often, they get worse before they get better and then they just get bad all over again. Life will keep coming at us like a persistent fever and even when we knock it down, it comes at us again. Fortunately, we can keep on knocking it down until we finally break it. And it WILL break eventually. It always does.

In case you’re wondering, the doctor couldn’t find anything obviously wrong with BB so it was probably “just some virus.” We kept giving him Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Pedialyte and cuddling him all day. After a few days the fever was gone and he felt much better. Having a sick kid is harrrd! But it always gets better. I just keep reminding myself of that.

Momming is hard, amiright?

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