30 Perfectly Good Reasons For Moms To Be On Their Phones

It seems like moms are constantly on their phones (they really aren’t). You see them at the park, at the store, pushing strollers, and holding babies and they almost always have a phone in their hand. Some people get judgy about moms “playing” on their phones all day instead of giving their kids the 24/7 undivided attention they desperately need (they really don’t). But it just might be possible that there are perfectly good reasons for moms to be on their phones (there really are).

30 reasons for moms to be on their phones at any given moment:

 reasons for moms to be on their phones

1. To text a friend.

Social interaction is important. And thankfully for technology, being face to face is not the only way to stay in touch with someone you care about.

2. To call the doctor.

Phone appointments. Schedule changes. Lab results. Waiting on hold. I’m surprised at how much of my life I spend on the phone with the various doctor’s offices for my family’s multiple medical conditions.

3. To check labs on the medical app.

I’ve been known to do this while out and about. Maybe that’s weird. Don’t worry about it.

4. To google medical conditions.

For all those mystery symptoms kids (and parents) come down with.

5. To google answers to random kid questions.

One thing I love about technology, is that wherever we are, if my child asks me why the sky is blue I can actually say, “I don’t know, but let’s look it up.”

6. To check emails.

Sometimes I’m corresponding about something important, other times I’m waiting for a shipment confirmation, and often I’m just clearing the junk mail out of my inbox. It all needs to get done, why not get it done while the kids are playing at the park?

7. To aimlessly browse Facebook and have five minutes not to have to think about anything else thankyouverymuch.

This is a totally valid reason to be on your phone. Don’t think it’s not. And don’t discount the benefit of 5 (or 30) minutes of mental reboot when the kids have been whining at you all freaking day long.

8. To take photos of the kids.

Honestly, this is one of the things I do most with my phone. And how awesome is it that I can do that without having to change film (yes, I remember those days)?

9. To edit photos of the kids.

This one blows my mind. I can make photos way better by editing them, and I can do it right on my phone, right there where I snapped the photo.

10. To share photos of the kids.

Grandparents are especially grateful that they don’t have to wait for snail mail with a class photo to come once a year. Now we can snap cute photos of their grandbabies and send them instantly whenever we want.

11. To arrange playdates.

Just one of the many texting threads I might be involved in at any one time.

12. To keep up with teams.

We all hate group texts, but they are there for a reason. I spend more time than I’d like fielding group text responses, but it’s good to know who is or isn’t going to make it to the soccer game on Saturday.

13. To talk to family.

Most of us have at least some family that lives far away. Keeping in touch anytime, anywhere is a huge blessing.

14. To facetime Hubby when he’s out of town.

Sorry, patrons of Starbucks, I’ll get back in my car so my loud conversation doesn’t bother you. But there’s no way in heck I’m hanging up on the guy, so just hold on a sec, k?

15. To call Hubby to see when he’ll be home.

I do this every single day. Multiple times. I need regular updates so I know when to (at least try to) have dinner ready so we can (hopefully) eat together as a family before the next sports practice.

16. To text Hubby to remind him to pick up butter on the way home.

Because I always, always forget an ingredient.

17. To shop for Christmas.

I’ve totally sat on a bench browsing the kids’ Christmas options while they played at the park. Gotta love Amazon, amiright?

18. To plan a birthday.

Again, internet shopping is essential for a busy mom. Pinteresting might be essential too.

19. To read a book.

I was totally the type of person to carry a book (or two) in her purse. I love that I can have unlimited books in my pocket now.

reasons for moms to be on their phones

20. To read an article.

Let’s face it, with kids in tow, it’s hard to concentrate on a book. Articles are easier to digest in tiny snippets of time.

21. To listen to a podcast.

Being a stay-at-home mom can be a mind-numbing occupation. I love having something interesting to listen to and think about while I’m doing boring tasks like dishes, laundry and carpooling.

22. To update the budget.

My husband might think I never do this, but I actually do. On occasion.

23. To write blog posts or journal entries.

Sitting there typing on my phone is not very different than sitting there writing in a notebook, so don’t judge.

24. To play games in the only 5 minutes of peace you get in the whole entire day.

Let’s not look down on the game-players of the phone world. This is a great way to disengage from a rough day.

25. To write down something funny the kids did or said.

I HAVE to write it down immediately before I forget it.

26. To set alarms and reminders.

I need a lot of these. And it takes time to be setting all kinds of alarms and whatnot.

27. To google recipes.

I love having this ability, don’t you? You can find a million different recipes for ANYTHING you want to make!

28. To meal Plan.

I also love that I can research and plan a month’s worth of meals while I’m sitting at the kids’ soccer practice. True story.

29. To plan schedules.

I spend more time than I’d like, planning and rearranging my to do list on my calendar app. But it’s absolutely necessary to keep me (somewhat) organized and on task. OK, not on task, which is why I need to do so much rearranging. But without that calendar app, my day would be even more lost than it already is.

30. To do whatever they darn well please.

Being a mom is difficult. It’s a busy job with a lot to get done. Thankfully, a lot of it you can get done on your phone. And if a mom is just “playing” on her phone, then good for her, because it just might be that she needs a little downtime (she really does). And perhaps we shouldn’t be judging each other anyway (we really shouldn’t).

This list could go on forever. Or I could have just put item #30 on it and called it a day because it’s none of anyone else’s business what moms are doing with their devices. We’re all aware that we need to be careful with the technology we’ve been blessed with. But we also need to recognize that having computers in our pockets is a reality now. It’s a part of our way of life. And it’s not a bad thing.


Momming is hard, amiright?

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  1. Seriously, I do everything on the Internet. It’s how I pay my bills and communicate with the school and make our appointments. Also, I text my husband pictures of what the kids are doing when he’s out of town for work! Love this post.

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