9 Ways Our Kids are Just Like Us

People complain all the time about kids these days and how easy they have it. And no doubt, a lot of things are different now. Not the least of which are the little rectangles in our pockets that are at once clocks, calculators, maps, encyclopedias, televisions, and whole entire stores. But despite that, a lot of […]

What I Did Right This Week (February 24th)

Well it’s Friday my fellow mommies, and that means it’s time for a new thing I’d like to do every week called “What I Did Right This Week.” Here we can celebrate the things we actually do RIGHT instead of feeling guilty for all the crap we feel like we get wrong all day every […]

The Absolute Best Advice for New Moms

At baby showers we are often encouraged to give our best piece of advice for new moms to the mother-to-be. I always give the same advice. It’s the single most important thing I have learned from the past 16 years in raising my 5 kids. In my opinion, it is the absolute best advice for […]

Get your Kids Excited About Dinner

If I had to venture a guess, I’d say you’ve probably got some picky eaters in your house. How do I know? Because I’ve got five of them. And they are almost never willing to eat the same thing at the same time. Every day is a demoralizing back-and-forth wherein my kids start asking probing […]

Your Best is Good Enough Even if it Doesn’t Feel Like it

I had this totally crazy day recently. Ok, who am I kidding? Every single day is totally crazy. Like, Running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, don’t even have time to use the bathroom when I need to, psycho busy kinda crazy. I know you can relate. And it all reaches the peak […]

5 Reasons to Take a Break Already

Moms need to be less selfish. We selfishly worry about being THE BEST at everything. We have to be the BEST mom that makes the BEST Bento Box lunches and snaps the BEST Instagram photos of the BEST Pinterest parties for our BEST dressed, BEST behaved kids who think we’re the BEST. We need to stop being so selfish. And we need to […]

Danking With My Teens

“Oh, we danking? We danking??” J-Dog (14) asked me this the other night as I  browsed a humor board on Pinterest and laughed my head off. He originally thought I was laughing about something he and his brother were doing, but shockingly I was not paying attention to them in the least. It was past the general family “bedtime” […]

When is it OK to Medicate Your Kid?

Is it ever OK to medicate your kid? Most people are hesitant to do any kind of medicating with their children for fear of detrimental side effects. And for good reason. Medication can be tricky enough for adults, let alone kids. So when is it OK to medicate your kid?  The short answer: When they […]

150 Years Ago I Could Have Had 15 Kids

When I first got married I wanted kids right away. And I wanted 15 of them. I love kids and I love big families. 15 seemed both outrageous and theoretically possible. Biologically, anyway. Plus, that was more than I’d ever heard of and I wanted to beat everyone. I don’t know why. Probably because I […]

The Real Reason You’re More Lenient With Your Last Kid

Everyone knows you’re more lenient with your last kid. It’s a running joke with just about everyone everywhere that parents are incredibly strict and hover-y with their first kid and excessively permissive and hands-off with their last. There are articles about birth order, memes about how youngest kids are spoiled, jokes about sterilizing dropped pacifiers vs. licking them […]